Pulp & Paper


Pulp & Paper mills include various stages and chemical processes, which require specialist fluid control products. The products are subject to harsh industrial conditions created by e.g. corrosive media. Our product portfolio includes special valves, gaskets and seals designed especially for the Pulp & Paper industry in mind.

We supply high quality valves and instruments to all the various stages and processes involved in the manufacture of Pulp & Paper products, as well as high performance sealing solutions that match the exact needs of the industry. These include ball and ball segment valves, butterfly valves, knife gate valves and check valves as well as specialist gasket. Our product portfolio also covers the fluid control products required by other facilities on site needed to run a Pulp and/or Paper mill such as power plants, waste water treatment plants and fresh water intake.

Our customers include companies operating in the Pulp & Paper industry as well as plant suppliers and EPCs.


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