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Friday, June 15, 2018

Saunders launches 3 new and improved membranes for the pharmaceutical industry. All 3 are developed and produced by Saunders himself and are fully approved in accordance with the requirements. FDA, USP Class VI, ASME BPE Part SG, ADCF, and Full Traceability. The PR and SR membranes are both divided and delivered as always with bayonet plugs from DN015. From 1 March 2019, PR and SR will replace the models shown in the table below. ER membrane replaces per. March 1, 2019, the traditional EPDM types as shown in the chart below. The diaphragm is supplied with the threaded gauge in ALL SIZES for easier and flawless mounting in the upper part.


Technical information about the new membranes can be found here


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