Friday, February 22, 2019

KLINGER expands the instrument program

Barksdale produces measuring and control equipment industrial applications specializing in control and measurement of liquids. Founded in Los Angeles in 1949, Barksdale has since established a subsidiary in Reichelsheim, Germany, and a large number of distributors worldwide. Today, the company is a subsidiary of Crane Co, which is already an established supplier to KLINGER A/S.

The product program covers 
Pressure: Mechanical and electronic pressure switches
Pressure transmitters
Temperature: Mechanical and electronic thermostats
Compact temperature sensors with transmitter
Flow: Flow switches for high pressure systems
Level: Float Systems

Barksdale's components are used in chemical processing plants and distribution facilities, on machine tools, offshore on drilling rigs, in electricity production, in steelworks and in a large number of other industries. In agriculture, for example, Barksdale pressure switches are used to monitor irrigation systems, while thermostats help maintain the optimum growth climate in greenhouses.

See Barksdale's program here:
See the entire KLINGER instrument program here:

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