New generation of diaphragms from Saunders

Friday, December 14, 2018


Saunders are launching 3 new and improved diaphragms for the pharmaceutical industry. All 3 diaphragms are developed and manufactured entirely in-house by Saunders and are fully approved acc. FDA, USP class VI, ASME BPE part SG, ADCF and fully lot traceable. PR and SR diaphragms are both two piece and will be delivered at all times with a bayonet socket from DN015. On March 1st 2019, the PR and SR will replace those models that are shown in the table. The ER diaphragm replaces the traditional EPDM type, as shown in the table. The ER diaphragm is delivered with a threaded socket i ALL SIZES for easier and faultless mounting on the upper part.  

Technical information on the new diaphragms can be found here


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