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Automatik 2016 - Brøndby Hallen 13.-15. september 2016 15-07-2016

At Automatik 2016 we will present the following news:

- KOSO VECTOR™ technology
We present a new generation of control valves, based on KOSO VECTOR ™ technology.

- New magnetic flowmeter for the food and pharmaceutical industry
Automatik 2016 is the place where KLINGER will introduce a new magnetic inductive flowmeter that due to its design is particularly suitable for food and pharmaceutical industry.

- Competitor PTFE gaskets creep, KLINGER’s don't.
If money is not an issue, PTFE based gaskets solve alot of problems. But all PTFE based materials creep. This makes retightening of the bolts necessary. Unless you accept to reduce the lifetime of your gasket considerly. KLINGER®top-chem2000 has a creep of only 1,6% and does not call for retightening.

- Float switches for monitoring liquid levels
KFG Level in Switzerland perhaps better known as Heinrich Kübler AG, are among the leading suppliers of float switches for vertical installation, used in monitoring of liquid levels in tanks and basins. We will present our product program.

- Pressure Gauges from KLINGER Denmark
A new program of Pressue gauges for monitoring pressure in almost all measuring tasks within the industry.

- KLINGER®Quantum – unique and without comparison
High temperature and rubber bonded fiber-reinforced gasket materials has always been a challenge. We set new standards with KLINGER®Quantum.

- Aseptic clamp connection for pressure and temperature Transmiters
An innovative Inline device with an aseptic clamp connection in accordance with DIN 11864-3, Model A.

- Intelligent sensor technology
Saunders I-VUE is a compact intelligent valve sensor designed to meet the increasing demands, particularly from the pharmaceutical industry and has significant advantages compared to standard switch control.

- Temperature sensors for In Process Calibration - used in food and pharmaceutical industry.
A new concept from LABOM for calibration of temperature measurements in regulated processes. A special design of the temperature sensor enables the measuring point to be verified during operation - and thus the necessary documentation for the measuring point accuracy is ensured. Whilst the production process does not face extra costs associated with shutdowns.

Meet us at Automatik, KLINGER Denmark, booth number B1038.

For more information about Automatik 2016 please visit their homepage.