• Fodevarer KHI

KLINGER Fluid Control

KLINGER Ballostar KHI in a potato peeling process

Operator: Supplier for McDonalds french fries 
Location: Austria
Industry: Food and Beverage

Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature: 210°C
Operating Pressure: 18bar
Media: Steam

KLINGER Product: Ballostar KHI
Size: DN150
Material: Carbon Steel
Sealing: KFC-25

Have you ever been at a McDonalds restaurant in Austria? If so, you have enjoyed french fries where the potatoe have been peeled by the help of KLINGER Fluid Control equipment.

Potato peeling in an industrial process is done by a steam process. At the beginning of the process, the potatoes are filled into a steam boiler. After closing the vessel, steam at a pressure of 18bar and a temperature of 210°C is applied. After a certain time, the pressure is relieved abruptly to peel away the skin of the potato.

Handling food always needs special attention in order to reduce scrap to a minimum as it is one of the most valueable good. Therefore failures in the process are not accepted.

To avoid unnecessary waste of food, the operator of the potato peeling process was looking for reliable equipment. Specially for a valve which guarantee trouble free operation under difficult conditions such as steam, very fast opening time and a very high number of actuation cycles per year.