• Ballostar KHA FL/SL

KLINGER Fluid Control

KHA in a district heating network

Operator: District Heating Vienna
Location: Austria

Ballostar KHA FL/SL used as hot tap valve in the primary district heating network

Operating Conditions

Operating Temperature: 180ºC
Operating Pressure: 22,5 bar
Media: Hot water

KLINGER Product: Ballostar KHA FL/SL
Size: DN25-DN80
Material: Carbon Steel
Sealing: KFC-25

This Austrian district heating operator runs their primary network at 180°C and 22,5bar. Because conventional hot tapping valves are not designed for such operating conditions, the operator was looking for an alternative solution.

This is why the exceptionally modular KHA came into the game. A very standard solution could have been to use a standard ball valve with flange ends on both sides. However, this would have been linked with the additional task to weld an extra piece of pipe (to provide a counter flange) to the main supply line. In order to avoid this the client decided to use a KHA with a flange on one side and a weld end on the other. Therefore the ball valve can be welded directly onto the main pipe.

This solution has several advantages. On the one hand, the operator can use the hot tapping valve also as a shut-off valve (which is not possible with a conventional valve of this kind) and on the other hand the EPC contractor realizes cost savings due to the fact that that it is not necessary to weld an additional piece of pipe on the main supply line of hot water.