• Monoball KHM

KLINGER Fluid Control

KLINGER Monoball in Transfer station of District Heating

Operator: Steag Wärme GmbH
Location: Germany
Plant Capacity: 1.400 MW

Test bench of the transfer station

Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature: 130ºC
Operating Pressure: 25 bar
Media: Hot Water

KLINGER Product: Monoball KHM-S/V-H
Size: DN20-DN50
Material: Carbon Steel
Sealing: KFC25

The transfer station is the link between the connection lines and the heat exchanger which is located in private housholds. The task of a heat transfer station is to serve the enduser with stable pressure, temperature and volume flow. Around 300.000 households are served from STEAG Wärme GmbH via these installtions with a total thermal energy of 1,4 billion kW/h yearly.

These transfer stations are owned by the operater and he is responsible for the technical specification, product selection, service and revamp.
STEAG Wärem GmbH is satisfied with our KLINGER Monoball, due to their high quality requirments, long life time and reliability since 2003. In Germany there is a demand of 250 to 400 pcs for such houshold installations every year.