KLINGER Fluid Control

KLINGER KVN in a condensate collector

Operator: Chemical plant operator
Location: Austria
Industry: Chemical

Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature: 190°C
Operating Pressure: 12bar
Media: Steam

Size: DN15 to DN32
Material: Carbon Steel 
Sealing: KX-GT

A chemical plant operator in Austria using the KLINGER KVN piston valve in a condensate collector produces phthalic anhydride. This process requires an immense amount of steam. In order to shut-off or by-pass the existing steam traps for maintenance the operator was looking for a safe and cost effective solution over the complete life cycle of the used shut-off valve.

Water hammers in steam distribution lines typically occur when the media is let into the pipe. To prevent or reduce this phenomena, the valve used needs to have the ability to open or close very smoothly, to avoid high-speed fluid dynamics. This is the reason why piston or globe valves are preferred under such conditions.

As water hammers occur from time to time, the valve needs to withstand large pressure increases within a very short period of time (milliseconds).

The KLIGNER KVN valve with its guided piston construction is insensitive against pressure surges and is therefore the ideal solution for such applications.

A KLINGER KVN piston valve ensures reliable tightness for decades, easy maintenance (in-line replacement of piston rings) and prevents the operator from financial losses caused by leaking steam.