• Ballostar KHE

KLINGER Fluid Control

KLINGER Ballostar KHE as steam shut off valve

Operation: Manufacturer of fabrics
Location: Austria
Industry: Pulp & Paper

Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature: n.a.
Operating Pressure: 5 bar
Media: Steam

KLINGER Product: Ballostar KHE
Size: DN50
Material: Carbon Steel
Sealing: KFC-25

The production of fabrics require an enourmous amount of steam.

Typically, this industy uses bellow sealed valves where operators faces the problem that this valve type starts to leak after a short period of time.

As the leakage of steam generates unnecessary costs during daily operation and requires additional efforts of maintanance including a shut down of the steam line, this Austrian operator was eager to find better a solution.

Hence, the decision was made to replace the existing bellow sealed valves with Ballostar KHE.

The Ballostar KHE proved to be a reliable source for this application - the KLINGER ball valve is still tight and the operator enjoyed a trouble free operation without any problems for 5 years.