• Ballostar KHA-SL-VIII

KLINGER Fluid Control

KHA DBB valve installed on steam 23 bar

Operator: CPCU Paris
Location: Grenelle boiler station
Plant Capacity: 545 MW (15% of the total CPCU capacity)

KHA-SL DBB installed to make the steam network safer

Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature: 235ºC
Operating Pressure: 23 bar
Media: Steam

Size: DN100
Material: Carbon Steel
Sealing: KFC25

During maintenance operations on the pipework most serious or fatal accidents occur. Many of them are related to a lack of safety. For fluids such as steam, the risks are mainly related to pressure and temperature.

For safety reasons CPCU - the largest district heating operator in France - wants its technicians to make sure that there is no risk of steam leakage when they modify or repair pipes downstream of the valves. The safety of downstream maintenance operations depends mostly on the tightness of the valves. Valves must be sealed in line before and during the entire operation. A DBB ball valve equipped with a drain cock to empty the dead chamber guarantees great safety of the pipe section.

Since many years CPCU has been using KHSVWI PN40 valves with drain cocks. Due to the safety and reliability of the DBB function, CPCU will now also use small DBB ball valves e.g. KHA DBB starting from DN 50 to DN 125.