• Ballostar KHSVI VVS

KLINGER Fluid Control

Shut-off valves in a power plant

Operator: Steag Wärme GmbH
Location: Essen/Germany

Ballostar KHVSI VVS DN300 in the primary      Ballostar KHVSI VVS DN250 in the secondary
line @ 180°C and 25bar                                       line @ 130°C and 12bar

Operating conditions
Operating Temperature: 180ºC
Operating Pressure: 25 bar
Media: Hot water

KLINGER Products: Ballostar KHSVI VVS
Size: DN250 & DN300
Material: Carbon Steel
Sealing: KFC-25

The German Ruhr region is among Europe's top five high population density areas. Providing a reliable and continuous heat supply is therefore of major importance.

To reduce the carbon footprint, the City of Essen decided to use waste heat from industrial zones as a heating source for thousands of households. The aforementioned industrial waste heat is collected in the so-called "Fernwärmetrasse Ruhrschiene" (a DN800 pipeline). The power plant of Steag Wärme GmbH represents the point of intersection between the "Fernwärmetrasse Ruhrschiene" and the city center of Essen and is therefore of the utmost strategic importance.

To cover peak loads that cannot be supplied by waste heat, this power plant is also equipped with a huge fuel oil burner: It guarantees the uninterrupted provision of heat, even at peak times.

During the planning phase of the plant revision, Steag decided to replace the existing gate valves with Ballostar KHSVI VVS in order to reduce operational costs and increase plant safety. As safety at work is one of the major topics at Steag, it was clear from the beginning that a valve solution featuring a "Double Block and Bleed - DBB" function would be implemented.

In total, Steag installed ten DN 250 as well as ten DN 300 KLINGER Fluid Control Ballostar KHSVI VVS valves.