KLINGER Fluid Control

KHA and KVN in a polymer plant

Operator: P+M Polimer Kemia Kft
Location: Hungary

Operating Conditions
Operating Temperature: 250ºC-300ºC
Operating Pressure: 5 bar
Media: Thermo-oil, toluene, basic resin and resinous finished goods

Due to the high operating temperature, irritant fluids and occasionally explosive media it was absolutely necessary to select products of the highest quality and reliability, to avoid injuries or plant damages.

Since the unique KLINGER Fluid Control soft sealing material KFC-25 ensures leackage rate A up to an operating temperature of 300°C it was the perfect choice for this application.

A test run of the plant from October to November 2010 confirmed that the operator made the right decision - it was a trouble free operation. Since the start of the regular operation in 2011, KLINGER Fluid Control valves have been operating without any problem.

Due to fact that the operator is completely satisfied with KLINGER Fluid Control valves, only KLINGER valves have been installed since than.